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Stroke/Neuro Rehabiliation

According to the American Heart Association, over 795,000 Americans are impacted by stroke each year, meaning on average a stroke occurs every 40 seconds. With a number this high, it is not surprising that stroke is the leading cause of adult disability. The experience can be scary for patients as well as their families, because of the major impact a stroke can have on physical, emotional, work, and personal aspect of life.

We offer therapy services for patients who have been discharged to home or assisted living after the completion of inpatient hospital services. We work with our patients to restore function, safety, confidence, and a sense of well-being with progress being made even months after the stroke occurred.

Physical Therapy intervention is also often needed intermittently after being discharged from an outpatient program in order to ensure patients are able to maintain their functional gains and to prevent injuries and physical decline.