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TPI Program for Golf Performance

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) was created to look at the mechanics of the golf swing and determine the ideal anatomical abilities to make someone's swing as effective and efficient as possible. TPI Certified Professionals evaluate the golfer's body by using a 16 step, golf-specific screen to determine possible functional limitations throughout the body. Certain body characteristics can lead to swing characteristics that may or may not be harmful to a player's power or swing efficiency.

What can a TPI Certified Professional do for your game?

Our TPI certified therapists can identify areas of your body that may be limiting your full swing potential, and work on those areas using their knowledge of body mechanics and orthopedic pathologies. What sets us apart is that each TPI professional is a licensed physical therapist with extensive experience treating all levels of fitness. We can tailor a program that is specific to your needs, that is safe, and that could even improve pain on and off the course.

What we offer:

Each member of our TPI program will receive a comprehensive, 16-point Titleist Performance Institute screen and fitness evaluation. Once we have identified any movement limitations or areas to improve upon, we will work with you to develop a fitness regimen that fits your needs, and your busy schedule. Each session is scheduled with a licensed TPI certified physical therapist.