Colby - PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Facility Director - Daemen College

Colby is a native of New York and has recently found love for the Valley of the Sun. He has treated patients from many facets around the country. Colby’s clinical experience in Italy has awarded him the cultural knowledge to relate with individuals from all backgrounds. He has experience in cupping, dry needling, manual therapy techniques, post-op rehabilitation, and postural restoration. He also has special training in tool assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques. Colby’s personal experience with sports injuries provides him with knowledge on how to properly treat various orthopedic conditions that can affect one’s daily functions. His passion is to revolutionize how physical therapy care is given to everyone and he believes it should also be utilized in injury prevention. Colby plans to further his education in nutritional physical therapy and sports rehab nutrition. When he is not at the clinic, he enjoys strength training, hiking, trail running, and spartan racing.

"Life begins outside of your comfort zone."