History of 360 Physical Therapy
From the founder Tresha Baldwin, PT, CEO

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my PT degree in 1994 and took my first position with DeacoAfter ness Hospital in Oklahoma City. After a little over a year, I spent a year in Colorado and then made the move to Tacoma, Washington where I opened a small private practice called Complete Approach in 1998. I later decided to get out of the rain and sold the practice to a therapist and friend in 2001. I moved to Chandler, Arizona and opened 360 Physical Therapy. My "unique" approach to patient care was simple in that no assistive personnel were involved in the patient experience. It was real PT provided by licensed professionals. This simple philosophy served to fuel the accelerated expansion of the company as patients became more involved in choosing where they receive care.

In 2003 I realized a need in our community to help patients with complex pain conditions who could not tolerate traditional land-based therapy. I knew water was the solution and I expanded the Chandler location and added a indoor therapy pool. We were the first private practice in the area to offer Aquatic Rehab.

By 2017 we had 12 Arizona locations. That same year a partnership with investors led to the acquisition of Human Performance Centers in Oklahoma. Since then, we have re-branded those clinics to the 360 name and upgraded 2 of their locations to offer aquatic therapy. My favorite message during company meetings is "We make the profession of Physical Therapy look good". What I mean by this is there are a lot of PT places out there who have techs providing care and therapists spending less and less time with the patient. If that is the only experience a patient has with physical therapy, then it hurts the profession as a whole. In 2019 we treated more than 20,000 patients and they will spread the word of great physical therapy.

Today 360 has 14 clinics in Arizona and 5 in Oklahoma and we employ over 150 team members. Aquatics is only about 10% of the work we do at 360. In addition to traditional land-based rehab we offer Dry Needling, Manual Therapy/Manipulation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Tool Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Women's Health, Youth Sports Programs and much more.

Why Choose Us

We believe, care should never be provided by a technician.

  • 60 minute private evaluations ensure the patient is heard.
  • Fewer patients per day improves our outcomes.
  • Doctor trusted since 2001.
  • We employ more than 150 local families.
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